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Saturday, 6 April 2013

Future (a Letter From)

Today I received a strange letter. It was a letter from my future self. Here is what it said.

Dear Me.

How are you?

Don’t know why I’m asking that I already know because I am you from 50 years in the future! That’s right kiddo it’s 2063 and guess what? WE ARE LIVING ON THE MOON! We finally got there. Mankind sorted all its problems out and started working together. We solved the financial crisis, everyone has well fast internet access, there’s no hunger or wars, there’s no global warming or climate change. Everyone is rich and doesn’t have to work and we all holiday on the moon! It’s awesome. And the best thing is… it’s down to you!

You did this. You and you alone made the world a better place. That is why I’m writing this letter to send to you in the past to make sure you make the right choices and ensure the future of the human race.

They even managed to bring the Dodo back – they are delicious!

If my timing is right you should be just starting the A to Z challenge 2013. Man, those first couple were pretty ropey but you get there man. Most of them are brilliant. Some of them even win awards and are made into an e-book. You make millions off them and become the first person in history to hold all top ten places in the bestsellers market.


Anyway, I’m digressing. I need to warn you about something. It’s the one thing that scientists here in the future agree is the one event that has the potential to ruin this glorious future we now live in.

Today is the 3rd day of Bumferry week (that’s right, you get a whole national holiday WEEK named after you) so if my calculations are correct the bins will be collected tomorrow.

Make sure the bin men leave your bin. DO NOT LET THEM TAKE YOUR BIN AWAY.

I know it sounds stupid but if they take away your grey wheelie bin, things will go downhill very fast indeed. It will probably snow in April. As best as I can gather it has something to do with those Pizza Hut boxes but it is all a bit sciency wiency for me. I just hope I have done my sums right and the temporal royal mail deliver this in time!

That’s it really. Just make sure you have a bin and the rest will fall into place.

Good luck me. The future is relying on you.

Must dash, I’m about to play zero-G racket ball with President Bieber (yea, its not all THAT perfect in the future but you can't have it all)

Take care fella.

All the best – you.



  1. so, the future is screwed then lol. Good post nice way to fit it in.

  2. The future's sounding pretty good ... except that whole President Bieber thing. Perhaps you should let them take your bin after all. Sure, peace and prosperity sound good, but at what cost?

  3. Well they do say a butterfly in the Amazon Jungle will cause a drought in Australia, So it makes sense to me. Now about this Grey BIN, How come you have a grey bin we have a green and a black bin and a blue and a green box.

    My own theory is that your bin has bin (sorry been) stolen by Master Lil man back on Miss Lily's blog as part of his plan to rule the world.

    And living on the moon is not all its cracked up to be, and after all I should know.....

  4. HAHAHAHA! That was clever Mr H. But now you have to face the fact that you and you alone, are responsible for the downfall of man. Huh and I thought it would be Spawn...

    Rob Z, we have a green and an orange bin, no black bins for us lot wot r a bit posh.
    And the bin is an anathema to the Lil man. Why have a container where you can deposit rubbish, when the bedroom floor works just as well? :)

  5. It was fun reading the letter...

    - Your fellow AtoZer
    Do visit my post at http://precari0us.wordpress.com/

  6. classic! love that.
    Dang those binmen! :D



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