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Monday, 8 April 2013


My dog is gormless.

But don't just take my word for it. Watch this video.

Recorded on Sunday afternoon in the back garden.


  1. lol, good dog, train the human to throw and then fetch his own ball...lol.

    1. He's like this all the time. I had enough gumption to get my camera phone out and film him...well, not doing anything.
      He just sits there on his little hill surveying his kingdom, barking at the other dogs as they go by.

  2. Dammn my stupid laptop with it's 1gb, can't watch the video. :(

    1. Hang Mr H, My Comment has vanished where did that go I swear I made a comment about your dog explaining it was rather clever. WHO nicked my comment, I don't think the dog has run off with it, unlike Miss Lily I got to see it. as I would have possibly say several years ago . . . . .. COMMENT COMMENT COMMENT OUT OUT OUT (sorry BACK BACK BACK) really you do your bit and then it vanishes like a willo the wisp


    2. thought you made a comment as well Rob and yes you are right it did vanish. How odd. Hopefully Lily will be able to watch it when it makes the top ten videos of all time ever.


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