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Friday, 12 April 2013


I love me a bit of Star Trek.

"I knew I shouldn't have mentioned the hair..."
I’m not the sort of guy who wears the Mr Spock ears or goes around speaking Klingon and what not, but I do enjoy a romp around the world of the future.

I don’t like the original series with Kirk and Spock and Bones, although I will watch if I must.

As I write this I am watching the Next Generation which was made around 25 years ago.

25 years ago people. That’s the proper past.

I am watching a show in the present made in the past that is about the future. It can become very confusing at times.

RIP: c1760 - c2278

It can be quite amusing watching TV from so long ago. The naïve ideas that people had about what the future would look like seems childish by todays standards.

The future technology on ST:TNG includes many things that are readily available to everyday people today.

Tablet computers with touch screens, mobile communication devices, MRI scanners.

It is a shame though that even in the 23rd century there is no cure for male pattern baldness, hiccups or bad acting.

You would think that the human race would concentrate less on faster than light travel travel and holographic games and more on making clothes with pockets.
Is that a phaser by your side
 or are you just pleased to see me?

Seriously. Go and watch any episode of Star Trek and not one single person has any pockets.

They never carry loose change, or put their gizmos and gadgets away.

Even somebody is getting a proper rollicking off the captain or is being told why the warp drive has run out pseudo-scientific reasoning crystals and is unable to get out of orbit (even though we all know that the answer will be found with seconds to spare…again!) not one single person puts their hands in the pockets.

I’m always putting my hands in my pockets.

That is what pockets are there for. Putting your hands in.

I’ve got a pen in mine.

Imagine a world without pockets…go on.. do it….

Horrible isn’t it?

"Just BEAM it out man - it's making my Head wrinkle!"
The other oddity about the world of Star Trek is the onesie uniforms. It must make going to the little boys room a proper chore.

Unless they use the transporter pads to …. I’ve gone too far again haven’t I…     

No wonder the Klingons are so angry all the time.



  1. Replies
    1. Oh, is that right spelling? See I DO know nothing. hahaha. always learning. ;O)

  2. Gotta love some klingon. And Star Trek.

    Happy A to Z blogging.

    1. Its better than most of the guff they put on tele these days... but i must admit about I am a massive geek over Babylon 5. *whispers* much better show!!

  3. I know the future looks grim what with no pockets and no hair, but we must be hopeful, and that these issues are resolved after all we all need something to Klingon to. . . . . . .

    HAH HAHAHHAHAH hahahahhahahahahhahahh ahhahhahahaha

    1. This wins comment of the year. I nearly dropped my laptop laughing like a fool! hahahahahahaa.

  4. I gotta say, I prefer the old Star Trek but then I still watch stuff like, Blake 7, the Tomorrow's People and vintage Doctor Who, so what do I know. :)

    1. oooohhhh the tomorrow people, I miss that show...and no I'm not old either :P

  5. lol, I'm a next gen fan, the wife is a fan of the original series and voyager. Mr. H I don't need to imagine a world without pockets, being female and with most designers thinking that all women carry bags, they stopped putting them in some clothing (I kid you not, do a research test and see for yourself). I am lucky, I do carry a backpack, and sometimes a girly bag...but still, I miss pockets, and who was the idiot that thought putting fake pockets into womens jackets and pants was a brilliant idea...ah hem...*right off soap box, giving it back to Mr. H., leaving quietly through the side door, with arms folded as I have no damn pockets.* :)

    1. P.S. I now have 'there's klingons on the starboard bow, starboard bow, starboard bow, there's klingons on the starboard bow, shoot to kill, Jim...' going around in my head (the words are wrong (ish) but the tune is correct...arrrggghhhh


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