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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Loss Leaders

Back in the good old days when things were not so complicated and I had a Saturday job working in a carpet shop in Accrington "oop North" me and two of my pals used to play guitars in the back room for fun.
After a few months we clubbed together and bought a recording desk and made a few tracks.

This is one of them.

I hope I have pressed the right buttons and that below this writing is a button of some kind that you can press to here me sing.

I did enjoy my time being in a band. We never played any gigs but playing and learning together was great and we had a ball.

Ste and Paul (the two members who DIDN'T want to be called THE FLAMING UNDERPANTS!) now have kids and wives and Don't really play much anymore.

Maybe one day when we are old (er) and grey (er) we will do a "comeback tour before having done a tour at all -tour."

Until then please feel free to wnjoy/wince at my warbling.



  1. reminds a bit of Pink Floyd during the harmony/chorus section. Pretty decent stuff, nothing to be ashamed of at all. I'd share my muzack with you but I don't believe in spamming up people's blogs for attention....anymore :)

    1. wow - massive compliment. I'll take that with gusto. cheers.

  2. Well Mr H I was well impressed that sounded very good indeed and the recording quality was excellent. You are a talented chap and that hand over the camera lens was done as well as any super star I know (sadly I know very few super stars). I think you and your old band should hit the road again, underpants ablaze.

    1. I had my doubts that i would be able to make it work. Did it years ago when things didn't ache as much. hahaha.
      I'm going to drag the guitar out in the next few weeks and get back into writing songs again... just need Mrs H to clear all her crap out of the spare room first.
      You should put your stuff on soundcloud. It's easy enough for me to use and your stuff would sound dead brill on there.

    2. That photo was taken at the model village in Southport. I was mucking about trying jump out on Mrs H and scare her but she kept taking pictures of me to prove that I'm an idiot... it worked - but hasn't stopped me being a fool. hahahahahahaha.

  3. I agree with Drone, very pink Floydy and what a great voice. Who'd have known? Impressive stuff Mr H. :)

  4. Interesting, you can write, and you can sing...next you'll be taking over the world...


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