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Thursday, 18 April 2013


Here is a very short version of the many many things that rattle through my over tired mind most evenings. Make of them what you will.

Do spiders get hiccups?

How do aeroplanes stay up?

Are ducks called ducks because they duck, or is ducking called ducking because ducks duck?

Which came first the toothbrush or toothpaste?

Are goldfish capable of headaches?

If God is omnipotent can he/she see the bad of their own head and does he/she get freaked out about it?

Why does nothing ever come in nines?

If the purpose of toe nails is to protect the soft skin underneath, why do we not just evolve to have normal skin all over and then we don’t need to bother about toe nails?

Why don’t shops sell ready salted chipsticks anymore? (the corn snack not the thin potato ones)
mmmmm. salty

How come the moon appears to be exactly the same size as the sun (for purposes of solar eclipses)

Liiiiiike a glove!

This is not a concise list of the strange and possibly unanswerable things that occur to me from time to time, but it is a glimpse into the twisted nonsense that pops up in my thoughts.

Having written this at 10:55pm I now have very little chance of getting any sleep tonight.



  1. No, spiders don't hiccup but they do suffer from heartburn, which hurts like a bitch!

    God breathes gently on the aeroplanes and that's what keeps them up...jeez, everybody knows that.

    Google doesn't recognise the spelling of areoplanes...or recognise the British spelling of 'recognise'.

    The Toothbrush was invented in 1498 and toothpaste around the 9th century...what was the question again?

    You can still buy chipsticks but they're now in a blue packet. Bloody modernization. :)

    1. Have you considered going on Mastermind Miss Lily......

    2. I had no idea that Lily was a toothbrush/paste efficion... efficianardo.... smart arse!

      As for the chipsticks conundrum, the blue flavour packets are dirty salt and vinegar. The red flavour ones are 80% salt and are not found in shops ANYWHERE! It is a travesty.

    3. Only if I can have chocolate as a specialist subject Rob Z.

      Heehee, dirty salt and vinegar. We bought some chipsticks that were the salted kind but they weren't Smiths. However, you can buy a packet of 48 ready salted chipsticks off Amazon, for the amazing and not very cheap price of £20.60! And they're by smiths! How much do you want them chipsticks Mr H?

    4. It is my god given right as a human being to have the abilty to walk into a shop and buy a single packet of red flavour chipsticks. Although it be nice to know that i could have 48, neither I nor the NHS needs the hastle of a massive heart attack when it is found out that I ate the whole lot in one sitting... which is exactly what would happen... because I am weak. haha

  2. That thing with the moon being just the right size is all a bit suspicious if you ask me. And I bet goldfish do get headaches worrying about the fact the moon is just the right size to hide the sun. When you live in a bowl with a huge cat like GOD looking at you all day like I do (sorry goldfish do) then, the size of the moon becomes important.

    How come that Miss Lily is so clever knowing about toothbrushes and stuff.

    1. The moon really does worry me. What if there is a God and that is a signature to say "Yea, that's right. the odds of the moon appearing to be the exact size to fit over the sun is my way saying hello"
      It's too much for my brain to handle.
      I asked that nice Prof. Brian Cox about it on twitter and he just shrugged me off.
      It's a conspiracy....

  3. The only one of these I actually know the answer to is how an airplane stays up.

    1. Please tell me Kellie. everytime I see one (or go on one) I am always amazed and dumbfounded by how so much metal doesn't just fall out of the sky.
      Lily says it's Gods breath, but I'm not convinced....

  4. I don't know if spiders get the hiccups, but it would be awfully funny to see those suckers hop. If they were little, of course. If they were big sonsofbitches, I'd be screaming like a girl. Oops. I AM a girl. Yeah. Okay.

    You have good thoughts. Not crazy. Okay, maybe out there a little bit. But that's okay. The freaky flag has only gone halfway up the pole, ya know?

    Just stopping by on the A-Z Blogging Challenge.


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