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Monday, 22 July 2013

Biscuits Wars: The Retaliation

At the time of writing this post I am only 500 views away from the big 20,000.

This figure may seem small to most of you reading this with you 100’s of followers (does that make it a religion?) and funny and informative posts that carry a sequential narrative that naturally flows from one to the other, making sense and coming up with clever witty ideas and pause for thought.

But to little old me, who is happily sat being ignored by most of the world, It’s big news.

Not only am I about to reach a rounded number that otherwise means not a lot, but Two other amazing things have happened to me recently.

Firstly I have made a new friend.

This new friend of mine is actually a bit of a hero to me and somebody I have admired for a number of years.

His name is Boothby Graffoe and he is a proper famous person… (what do you mean you have never heard of him??)

Mr Graffoe is a musician and comedian who has been on BBC RADIO 4 AND EVERYTHING.

I too have appeared on BBC radio, but I did not get my own series.

Mr Graffoe has, and that makes him famous in my eyes.

Anyway. He is my friend on that there Twitter of which you would be able to see a link to my constant mumblings over on the right hand side ---à

Follow me on Twitter if you like. I might even say hello to you.

The other amazing thing that has happened this week is that Addman of Muppets for Justice has finally did the right thing and took my advice to “cowboy the F*ck up” and recorded his video of himself eating a packet of Jammie Dodgers.

As we all know these biscuits are bloody awful, but to his credit he has made a video and done it.

It is quite the funny thing. But don’t forget to comment that he only gives SEVEN facts and not eight as promised (typical JD eater! Full of Jam and lies)

Other than that Somebody nearly died on site with a run away car that smashed into two other caravans AND another car. We had two police cars and ambulances and very nearly had to call an air ambulance… but you don’t want to hear about that!

So there you go, 500 views to until party time. I may have a Custard cream or two to celebrate, why don’t you join me by eating your own favourite biscuit.

Thanks for taking the time my idiocy. There arn't many of you but you all count... well, apart from those with jam around your face.

(Jammie dodgers need not apply)


  1. it was funny but alas jammie dodgers are devoid of true biscuit soul. Congratulation on all the looks :)

    1. Oh I see, you come onto my Blog all nicey nicey, and then slither over here and slag off my biscuits!

    2. The girl has taste - leave her alone!

    3. Stop licking the Girl Mr H . . . . . .

  2. Mr H I am well pleased both that you have reached 20,000 page views but I am very impressed by the fact Boothby Graffoe is a friend on twitter. He is famous in my eyes too cos I have heard of him and I am not good with famous people, People will say things like that **** **** was on Born in Exxex or what ever these shows are called and I am usually thinking WHO WHAT but I can say in this case

    Yo I watched The Gruffalo at Christmas . . . . . HA HAHHAH HAHAH HAH HAH AH HAH AH HAH AH AH AH HA HAH AH AH HAHH HAH AH HAAH.

    I bet he is fed up of people getting him confused and comments of you look really different in the flesh.

    Caravan Wars on site sounds scary but its the heat folk sort of lose the plot when we reach 30c.... but I hope everyone will be OK.

    And some how I have missed Mr Addman's biscuit eating effort I must go and see.

    1. It's been a crazy week Rob for sure. (!)

  3. Lots of information here.

    First off, congrats on your hit count.
    Secondly, congrats on your new friend.
    Thirdly, congrats to me for eating some biscuits.
    Fourthly, congrats for killing everyone at your caravan site in some kind of primal fury because you can't admit that Jammie Dodgers are the superior biscuit.

    1. Thankyou


  4. I miss them biscuits with the scenes of manual farm labour on them. Do THEY still do them biscuits with the scenes of manual farm labour on them?

    1. I think they might still make them biscuits with the scenes of manual farm labour on them. I'll have a look next time I'm out on the rob in Aldi.


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