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Sunday, 4 August 2013

Immortality from the Broom cupboard

The video above is of a TV celebrity from my childhood.

His name is Andi Peters and for many years he could be found in the BBC's broom cupboard from 3:30 onwards waiting for me when I got home from school to introduce shows such as Grange Hill, Blue Peter, Newsround and Round The Twist...

This video is from 1992. Let me do the math for you. that is 21 years ago.

21 YEARS!!!!!

A long time by any ones standards.

But Mr Peters was on the Tele again the other night as a judge on Celebrity Masterchef and he hasn't aged a day.

In 21 years this man has got a single wrinkle, grey hair and worry line upon his brow.
Mr Andi Peters - potential time traveller

If anything he has younger!

Is he immortal?

Has made a deal with the devil?

I don't know, but in the light of news that a new Doctor who has been announced recently, I think we may have evidence of an actual time traveller in our midsts.

There really is no other way I can fathom of anyone being able to look as youthful as Andi Peters does without some kind of wizardry or timey wimey jiggery pokery being involved.

Ladies and gentleman we have the answer to immortality at our fingertips and it lies in the DNA of Andi Peters.

I suggest that we petition parliament in order to get hold of his genes and find out once and for all how we can all escape the ravages of time and old age by experimenting on this man and freely allowing the results to be published so that we can all live forever like this man is obviously doing.

in other news - I have found 6 grey hairs on my head and my knees creak like dried grass.


  1. Even I the Slightly Eccentric Child of Cyberspace havw got grey hairs and fingers that are getting as supple as rusty hinges with no oil. So experiment on this man we must.

    His first name is Andi this is a sign because in reverse he is iDNA so like the ipad the iphone the imac soon everyone will want iDNA, I know I do..

    1. Havw is have see I neeeeeeeed that iDNA . . . .NOW

    2. I have just visited your site 9 times Mr H but it was worth it cos that is the 20,000 up WELL COOL


    3. iDNA - how did I not see that?!

      There is our proof right there.

      Thanks for fudging my stats as well Rob. You're not reading this from Latvia are you? hahahahahahahahaha

  2. I think that Andi Peters is part of some secret anti-aging cartel. Despite Philip Schofield's grey hair, his face looks twenty years younger than it did when Gordon The Gopher was his best mate. They're all in on it, these celebrities.

    I'm going to study Holly Willoughby's bust for any droopage and let me you know my results. Bear in mind that this investigation will be extensive and may include a stint in prison, but that's a price I'm willing to pay to uncover their aging secrets.

    1. The only member of the broom cupboard not to have faired so well over the years is Mr Andy Crane. Last seen braking his hip on the Manchester Run a few years ago, just as Mr Peters started to re-emerge. I'm not saying Andi Peters put a spell on Andy Crane to steal his mortality .... but he definitely did! ;)

  3. He went and did himself all pumped up...


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