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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

998 - Stephen Hawking Got It Wrong

I have spoken about Stephen Hawkings before. And today is no different.

Stephen Hawkings is full of crap.

There. I’ve said it.

I don’t care that he is in a wheelchair. I don’t like the guy.

“Oh you are being racist… or what ever the word is for disabled people” you might say.

But you would be wrong. I just said not two sentences ago, that I don’t care that he is in a wheeled chair and I don’t.

What I don’t like about him is that everybody else sucks up to him BECAUSE he is in a wheel chair.

The man wrote a book years ago that became world best seller. But nobody read it. They bought it for two reasons. One because he is disabled and two so they could clever by having a copy on their coffee table.

I on the other hand have little time for the man. He is worse than Miley Cyrus. They are both idiots who believe in the hype made over them by their followers. It’s all gone to his head.

Somebody felt that they had to patronise him with his ideas – ideas that would have got anybody else thrown out of science club and told to never come back. But just because people think they should treat Stephen differently, it’s now all they can do to associate themselves with this man who is no more cleverer than the guy who invented the wind up radio or the bloke who invented the MUTE button on remote controls. Actual designs that make a huge difference in todays lifestyle.

But why am I ranting about a man I have never met, you wish you could ask and a get a word in edgeways…

Give me a minute and I shall explain – PROPERLY!!

I recently watched a NICE video (not like the other one from the last post) that promised to explain  all about Stephen Hawkings theories in an easy to understand patronising tone.

It did it’s job very well.

Unfortunately it’s all bull poop.

Above is the video in question. Give it a watch and we shall carry on.

1st the video asks the question WHAT IS AT THE CENTRE OF A BLACK HOLE? It starts by saying that “black holes are incredibly dense objects” and then contradicts itself by saying “EVERYTING IS CRUSHED TO A POINT OF INFINITE DENSITY, PUNCHING A HOLE THROUGH THE FABRIC OF THE UNIVERSE”

Now this may seem plausible. That is until you actually put some thought into it.

Just because we call them black holes it does not mean they are actual holes.

They are, as has already been established, objects of incredible density. That is to say they are well heavy. Too heavy to pick up.
A black hole is created by a collapsing star. At the end of its life, the star shrinks in size but keeps its weight. This means that the mass of the star increases.

It becomes so small but still very heavy that its gravitational pull increases to such a degree that the wave lengths of light (which is energy but also has mass and is therefore effected by gravity) is unable to escape the pull of the gravitational pull of the collapsed star.

It is not, as the video suggests, a giant space plug. It just isn’t.
The video then goes on to say (with a straight face if you believe it) that a vacuum isn’t empty but is full of particle that pop in and out of existence from nowhere…..

Well, yes of course they do Stephen (nurse…. NURSE it’s time for his medication…)
It has been proven time and again by scientists and COMMON SENSE that things can not “pop into existence” nor can they disappear either for no reason.


For something to exist, something else must have created it. Conversely, if something ceases to exist it must still exist in the form of matter and/or energy and visa versa. This is one of the fundamental laws of physics.

I don’t make the rules…. And neither does Hawkings and his crew.

The video brushes over any explanation for this twaddle and continues by saying that Hawkings radiation forms when black holes separate two particles from the edge of its range of power and that the particles that may or may not have existed just moments before are actually of a negative mass.

This must mean that these little bits of “stuff” repel other things as mass is indicative of gravity. The more mass the stronger the gravitational pull.

These little buggers eat away at the hole within the black hole (somehow washed over in place for a pretty drawing) until there so little left that all logic flies out of the window and everything blows up.

This is of course impossible for two reasons.

Firstly, all that would be left, according to Hawkings is the hole at the centre of the black hole and some particles that have NEGATIVE MASS.

So that means we have a nothing (the hole) and something’s that are less than nothing (negative particles).

Lets make that into a math solution shall we?

0 + -0 = KABOOM!!!!

Nothing plus minus nothing is actually nothing unless there is an issue with my nine digit display scientific calculator, and I doubt very much that there is because it has a life time warranty and loads of science buttons make it do and error sign when I press them.

Also, when it explodes, just after it has disappeared, it will be with the force of EXACTLY 1,000,000 nuclear bombs…. That’s handy isn’t it.

Carrying on from this the video seems to think that Stephen Hawkings came up with the idea of the Big Bang as the start of existence.

But I choose to go one better and ask – “ What caused the big bang then? Smarty pants!”

Over to you Prof.

I eagerly await your response.


  1. Well as a man with a tower of six apples I feel I am in a good place to help Mr H. You see a black hole has a problem they dont talk about a lot, and that is the block hole as you state a solid lump. OK a small heavy solid lump but it has a problem, energy is trapped within it (much like the tower of six apples), huge amounts of energy because nothing can move. However the atom is not a solid thing even a collapsed atom,as atoms are multi-particle little buggers and rather complex. So what happens is as the black hole grows it eventually reaches a point where the compressed atoms finally snap into sub atomic micro particles releasing huge amounts of energy in a chain reaction that will see the so called black hole explode with such force that it creates a whole new universe. Not a gateway to a new universe but a universe created by the destruction of the black hole.

    So our universe is the product of a exploding black hole and each time a black hole finally explodes the force creates new universes in new dimensions, these are seriously big bangs (note the Big Bang as in Big Bang theory)

    I could go on Mr H, but it is rather late and well science is funny stuff . . . . . . . . And some folk get all bogged down in pure maths rather than looking at the light bulb and thinking Ooooooo I know ....Apples

    1. So remember their are no holes in black holes Mr H just stuff and lots of it. I have just watched the video too. So he was right at the End just not in the middle. Much like the tower of six apples

    2. It appears as I slept last night my stack of six apples fell down, is this a sign, did Steven Hawking nip round and knock it, or was it his twin sister Jim Hawkings HA HA HA HA ah hahah ha hah ahha ha ha ha

    3. It has been well noted (well it will be by the time i finish writing this absolute lie) that Hawkings is dead set against apples and point blank refuses to acknowledge the existence of towers made of such fruits. As noted by the quotation marks he is noted as saying "I hates apples like I hates kids!"
      Is that the kind of example we want to set our future generations? I think not.
      Of course, The Prof. has never actually said this, but there's no smoke without fire - and ask yourself this.... why would I lie!!!!

  2. You can try and prove it with all sciencey stuff, but the only way to settle this is to have a fight. Fighting solves everything without exception. Plus, I reckon your chances against a pensioner in wheelchair would be rather good.

    1. you would think i had a good chance but past experience shows that at least 2 out 3 fights end up with me having to wash tyre treads off my back.
      Cheating swines!


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