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Tuesday, 24 September 2013


This is a post that contains no humour, or even an attempt at humour.

This post is an instinctive reaction to the THOUGHT of watching a particular video on line.

Here are my thoughts:

There is a video on the internet.

This may not come as a shock to many of you but I am talking one video in particular.

Let me explain a bit more.

There is a video on the internet and I have not watched it.

I want to watch it... but I don't think I should.

There are no naughty ladies with their vests off or anything like , but this is one of those videos that if you watch it you can never ever un-watch it.

It is one of those videos that shows humanity at it's worst. The very bottom of the ladder of fairness and correctness. it ( i assume) shows the very real difference between right and wrong.

I saw it on a news website I sometimes visit when I have read everything else on the web that day.

The video contains so called evidence of a crime being committed by a police officer but the alleged criminal is not facing any charges and the victim is now deceased. 

I am not sure that I actually want to be witness that this level or wrongness.

If you are so inclined that the temptation is too much for you to bare, I will share it with you at the bottom of this post.

Maybe I am kidding myself that if I don't see it then it never happened and I can forget that there are people out there that are just pure evil.

Maybe I am just a spineless wimp and should cowboy up and let my eyeballs do the judging.

Maybe - Just maybe.... 

I've videos of athletes breaking legs and eyes popping out. I'm not squeamish, or a prude. But there is something about criminal acts, well, murder, that doesn't sit well.

I'm quite the happy hypocrite when watching James Bond throw a terrorist off a building or when Jack Bauer punches the living saints out of somebodies face, but to see a real life event take place in front of me forces me to realise that I am a coward and that I would be worse that useless in a real emergency.

Once this is posted I am going to turn the internet off and sit very quietly in a dark room hoping that world ends with a wimper.

We are all humans together and for all the idiots and morons and fruitcakes, it is quite incredible that there are people out there who ALLOW those who do harm to get away with it.

Much like those nurses who did nothing to stop Jimmy Saville on his regular "visits".

I really do hate the human race sometimes.

Here is the link to the Story. Please note that I have not seen the attached video and viewer discretion is advised (you sick bastards):



  1. Well Mr H here is a dilemma, a post with a curious DON'T WATCH THIS VIDEO link, which is like a red rag to a bull for us humans or cats if it was a box. However I am not one to stand and look on at crashes and terrible events, I either leap in and do my bit,and if I cant help continue on my way. So I will not watch it, I will take your lead (not in a walking the dog sort of way) and leave it as an unknown. As it happens I have a large unknown amount of unknowns I know nothing about so one more will not really change who I am.......

    I did think for one small moment it said Dachshund video not sure why, that may have changed my mind about watching .

    1. I was in a funny place last night Rob, and I don't think that my mind was ready for such things. The article itself is quite informative but the video was a temptation. I know horrible things occur everyday around the world but I caught myself thinking... " Do I actually want to be shown the horrors?" "What sort of person does that make me?"
      It all got quite deep and thought provoking and it was only Tuesday......

  2. I have seen many things on the Internet. I have seen a couple of young ladies lick poo as though it is ice cream. I've seen a rather large girl fart orange soda in a bathtub. I was a regular visitor of Rotten.com in my youth (not sure if that site is still around).

    This however, I don't want to watch. Perhaps time has tamed me, or perhaps people doing horrible things to others is just too macabre. Don't watch if you think it might upset you.

    1. It's not about being upset (i'm some kind of girly girl you understand). I just think videos of real life death and harm are not required in my life. I have no issues what so ever with people licking poo or squirting orange pop from their bottoms. I am immune to that sort of stuff, but I find no entertainment or educational value in witnessing death.
      I'm proper dead hard in real life, I once picked up a dead spider and everything.


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