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Tuesday, 17 September 2013


I am aware that I have not been about for the past few weeks, but that's because real life has got in the way. Some horrible things have occurred that have taken my attention away from being able to write, but things are getting back on track and now I'm here (You can't get rid of me THAT easy!) I'm back, fed up and as miserable as ever.

Having a few life lessons to pass on and tales to tell I could write about like how Mrs H has been spending all my money for this upcoming wedding or how the man who empties the sewage plant for the camp site suffered a BLOW BACK and found himself covered in the best part of 6,000 gallons of raw human waste or even the reasons I was forced into mercifully putting a stray cat out of its misery after it had been mauled by two Greyhounds.... but I won't. 

Because all those stories put together are nothing - NOTHING compared with what I have to share with you today.

This post is a special one.

It has a video on it.


This weekend I managed to escape the hustle and bustle of the world of camping and went on barge for the day with some friends.

Here is what happened.

Keep your eye out for the Gorilla......



  1. Great film Mr H it should be nominated for an award, I loved the plot and the subtle twist at the end where the Captain finally saves everyone from the sea serpent, it is nothing less than high drama...
    It was a bit like Pirates of the Caribbean meets The Perfect Storm meets Gorillas in the Mist.

    Welcome back to the world of blogs...

    1. Cheer Rob. I have some catching up to do... I see your on Chapter four now! Have you got any one lined up for the audio book?

    2. The job is yours Mr H as soon as that nice Mr Spielberg gets his act together

  2. Damn, can't watch the video at work. I'm commenting as it might help me remember to check later when I'm at home.

    1. I never knew you were working class? urg... feel a bit dirty now.


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