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Friday, 4 October 2013

Busy bee

Just a quick one this week. I'm so busy that I'm having to write this from my mobile telephonic device, which is cool.

I have no idea what this will end up looking like but if you don't try you will never know.

I am going to try and add a picture from my stag do from last weekend where, my so called friends, made me dress up like a jockey for our trip to Chester races.

I won a fair bit of money and got very drunk and even got to keep a 20 pence piece that fell out of a naughty lady with no vest on at a strip club.

Long story.....

Anyway, I am half way through writing my Christmas song and am hoping for a number one hit!

That's it for now.

Go away - I'm busy. :)


  1. There appears to be a trainer squashed into the roof Mr H. I am sure there must be a logical reason.......

    1. Oooh never noticed that. You had me confused for a second .....

  2. A lady with no vest on?! Sir, I come to this Blog for the clean, high brow banter and the chance for port and cigars on the porch with like-minded individuals. However, this sick filth should be banned.

    ....unless of course you can provide more detail.

    1. Well.... I didn't want to embarrass the poor girl, but she also had no underpants on. It must been very warm because all the ladies in there were just taking off their clothes when they started dancing.
      I didn't stay long, I don't like it when it's too warm. Plus I was dressed like a giant jockey... it didn't seem right somehow.


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