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Friday, 18 October 2013

A Lost eye, Full Trousers and A Lost Child: My Wedding Day.

Well, What a week it's been.

Having got married to Mrs H last Thursday we buggered off and had little trip to York (which is oop north and to the right a bit)

We had a lot of fun and drinks and some proper nice food and walked and wlaked and walked and walked until our feet nearly fell off.

I even had to buy a new pair of shoes because mine were worn out!

Anyway, the wedding was lovely, as I say, however - being our weeding it didn't go without certain events taking place.

The following are very true very real events that actually happened during our "big day"
I had a wee here (inside)

My brand new mother in law very nearly lost a eye!

  • A small child soiled himself twice!

  • A medium sized child fell down a well.

  • Someone fell out with somebody else.

  • Everybody things my uncle is Eric Pollard from Emmerdale (he isn't)

  • It was discovered that a 14 year old was more sexually active than 99% of the rest of the group.

  • Mrs H has a very filthy mouth when she is drunk.

Other than that it was a great day and most other people enjoyed it.

Here is a child falling down a well. Enjoy.


  1. Congratulations Mr H and Mrs H, I am extremely pleased. . . . No I really am even though I guess we are but cyber friends who sort of pass in the night as we are both busy during the day, meaning the fact I am pleased is not logical (that chap of Star Trek would agree).

    I wish you both well, although not the well with the small child in it unless the small child is yours and you have lost him, in which case I hope you find the well soon. It sounds like it all went to plan (I refer to the wedding not loosing a child in a well).

    No wonder they found out about that Guy Fawkes chap; putting a blue plaque (plague they look so similar) on a wall to commentate his birth and adding his life's ambition plus the bit about the date he was drawn, although they don't say where the picture was hung.

    I wonder why they never added the date he died........

    Well done Mr H or should I now call you Mr H


  2. Thanks Rob. The small child and the medium sized child are not mine, although the one who enjoys poo-ing in his pants just happens to be one of my god children.

    The one falling down a well is.... um... was my friends lad. One day we will go back and pull him out. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA

  3. Its terrible Mr H you go off and get married loss children down wells and see a plaque and folk don't even say hows your father as in the old saying . . . . . Not sure what that was all about really.

    Anyway Mr H I have returned to annoy you a bit and post another comment. although it is very late and really I am off to bed . . . . . Goodnight....


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