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Saturday, 1 February 2014

A Good Old Rant - February 2014

The following is a brain fart. That means I starting writing and didn't stop until I couldn't think of anything to write.
The whole post took less than 10 minutes to write(it shows) and is presented here as it was created, baring some minor spell checking and font readjustment.

Enjoy - or not....

Everyone seems to be having a go at rich people.

For some reason it is seen as being wrong to have lots of money.

I don't have any money at all (Mrs H has seen to that!) but I do not think badly of those with more than me.

I find it quite odd that we all go out to work to earn money so that we can have nice things, we read papers and watch TV shows and more often than not think "I wish I had a car like thingy-me-bob," or "She is very nearly wearing a lovely dress made of unicorn silk, I want one" and then order a dozen online, squeezing the last drops out of our credit cards so that we feel just a tiny little bit better about our pathetic pointless lives.

However, those that can afford to buy a whole desert island are seen as evil and bad and we are told by politicians and the many faceless voices of panel shows that the rich should be forced to pay more tax than everyone else for no other reason that they have more money.

But let's put this into some sort of perspective that may or may not make sense.

The rich usually get rich because they or their partners or parents have MADE a lot of money working hard.

Maybe they built up a business from nothing like that Richard Branstons or invented a thing like Billy Gates. Sometimes they have more money than they know what to do with by being talented and entertaining like Paul McCartney or Bono or Peter "it's spitting!" Kay.

Regardless of how they managed to get lot's of money, they have it and often spend it wisely.

They might hire butlers or personal assistants as they now know, or they will order massive houses to be built and buy nice clothes and cars and ... things.

Idiots like you and me wouldn't know what to do if we were stupidly rich.

That's why most people don't play the lottery anymore. 

"Money doesn't make you happy!" so says the saying that people often say. And it seems to be true for those unprepared.

Take Michael Carroll for example. Here is a guy who won the best part of £10 million in 2002 and pissed it up the wall on drugs cars baseball caps and all sorts of nonsense.

To paraphrase the National Lottery - "That could have been YOU!" 

Okay probably not you. You would buy a house and a car and have a nice holiday and.... then what would you do?

That's right. You would live off the interest. You would be rich. And everyone would hate you.

Much in the same way that people hated Mr Carroll for wasting all that money.

I don't.

Mr Carroll did what he did because he knew he would never have the chance to spend £10 million again and he thought - "Sod it!"

Sure he is now working in a biscuit factory, but how many people love biscuits and say "I'd love to work in a biscuit factory!"?

I'll tell you how many - LOADS.

Michael Carroll put £10 million BACK into the UK economy in one form or another. 

There have been more instances of winners NOT spending their money and in some cases continuing to work in their old jobs!

This is the real evil. These people DON'T have to work but do, therefore stopping someone else from having a job they actually need to put food on the table.

Nor do they spend their money, instead it sits in a bank account collecting interest for the greedy bankers (remember them?) to invest badly and the so called winners take a wet weekend holiday in a rented mobile home off the coast of Cornwall.

Think of how much TAX they are not contributing to society. Think of that Job somebody could have. Think of the fun that none of us are not having because of their lack of imagination.

God I'm Angry now.

I want to be rich. I'm not ashamed to say it. I want to win a stupid amount of money that has far too many zeros at the end that it just boggles the mind.

The thing is, I won't be. Even though I still play the lottery, the prizes are starting to look like I am the only one bothering to buy a bloody ticket.

Don't for one second sit there and think - No, not me. I'm happy as I am.

If somebody offered you an oversized cheque from the postcode lottery you'd snatch their hand off, push the camera man out of the way and take a great big dirty shit on your bosses desk before snogging the receptionist you have had a crush on for the past six months and then sod off to somewhere with less rain and more cocktails by the beach before you could say "Derek? We're going to Bendirom!"



  1. I quite agree Mr H, I still do the National Lottery and have always thought I would be a great winner and know exactly what to do with the 25 million (I would need at least that really to make it all work).And I know I was born to live the lifestyle . . . . it its a long story but a direct relative many many many decades ago owned a big chunk of Mayfair in London, but due to stuff and a will that did not get changed when stuff happened it all vanished off to people who have been unknown to me or my family for many many many decades.

    However this fact shows I really should be some sort of London jet set type of person, it is in my jeans (sorry genes) not some sort of poor person living a fairly quite chilled life in the country content with my lot . . . .No it is entirely wrong; so I do the lottery so that I can retire and live a quite chilled life in the country content with my lot . . . Only a bigger lot.... and I would need a gardener called George.

    1. I've always said £25 million was a perfect amount. Mrs H thinks that if she wishes for just a million she is more likely to win, but it doesn't work like that, i tell her. If you're going to win - WIN BIG!
      Did your relative own a big red hotel in mayfair, because that would have made them really rich.-haha- It's a shame you can't claim it back, owning ANYTHING in London would be awesome and allow you access to the Groucho club and probably see you sipping martini's with a certain famous film director...... Think BIG rob, and one day we can all have a gardener called George.


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