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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

World Cup Fiasco... part one!

The World Cup of Kickingball is now upon us and long time readers of this blog will know that I do like a little bet every now and again.

This fact is also known by my good friend Ste.

Ste? are you asleep?

Ste called me up a few weeks ago and asked if I wanted to take part in a little gamble.

I have an addictive personality and agreed without thinking it through.

We both like the football game and adding a little extra spice into the tournament can only be a good thing.

Wake up Ste!

The rules are these:

50 pence bet per game.

Ste will bet on the team drawn as the home side to win.

I will bet on the team drawn as the away side to win.

For example:

The opening game is BRAZIL v CROATIA.

Sod it. Let's draw on his face....

Ste will bet 50p on Brazil to win and I will be cheering on CROATIA to win (at odds of 10/1 ooooh!)

These bets will be made for each and EVERY game in the world cup upto and including the final.

By the end of the world cup there will have been a total of 64 (or something like that) matches. This means a total of £32 (there or there abouts)will be spent by each of us with the aim of making the most profit/ loosing the least amount!

At the end of the Cup I will produce the results and could very well be selling parts of my internal organs (again).

See kids! Too much dirty beer makes candles grow out of your head!

Wish me luck chums!


  1. I don't get it. Unless Brazil are playing in the match, surely both teams are technically away teams.

    I think you should bet on all the underdogs and see if you come out with money than your friend.

    1. There is always an assigned "home team" and "away team". I will be betting on the team that is assigned away and that filthy drunk will be betting on the home teams.
      Technically, yes, they are all away teams but one is always given the term Home team.... otherwise it all gets very confusing.

      I will post a full list of results at the end of the Cup and should make sense..


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