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Saturday, 18 October 2014

A Once In A Lifetime Event (for the 2nd time)

"my brain is empty.

I have nothing to say about anything.

Is this the end of Thoughtless Gibberish?

Have I spouted so much rubbish over the years that I have run out of things to say?

My life is so boring at the moment that I genuinely can not think of anything to rant about."

...That is all I wrote this morning in preparation for todays post.... and then something truly amazing happened.

Whilst returning from shopping with Mrs H we had to drive through "the big round-a-bout" near the shops.

This round-a-bout is a stupid one because every ten meters there is a set of traffic lights. My understanding of roundabouts was they were there in order to keep traffic moving and reduce the need for lights.

However, since moving to the area I have noticed there are roundabouts EVERYWHERE!

And this huge roundabout has a least three sets that you have to stop-start-stop-start to get through before I can get back on the main road on zoom off into the distance.

Today something strange happened at the roundabout.

The lights were on green.

This is not unusual in itself, but as we curved round to the next set.... they were also on green.

This happens once in a while and I always fell rather privileged when I make through two sets in one go.

But then.....

The third set were on green.

I checked my speedometer. 


This is the ideal speed. I was doing the ideal speed for traffic lights.

You see, not a lot of people know that when a string of traffic lights are ahead you should aim to do 10% less than the speed limit.

Traffic lights are usually set to cut up the flow of traffic because everybody does 30mph (or a bit over - naughty)... but if you can keep to 27mph through a green light, the chances are you will breeze through ALL OF THE GREEN LIGHTS - assuming there are no Sunday drivers dithering in front of you.

There were no ditherers in front of us today.

We hit the lights bang on green at the perfect speed of 27mph.....and through.


Only once before had I ever managed to get through the lights without being cut up, braking at the last minute as the lights change etc.... but not today.

Today I was KING OF THE ROAD!!!!!!!

What a joy....

What a feeling.....

What a boring life I lead.....

Next week I promise to produce something amazing.

Until then....... I dunno..... cup of tea? 


  1. What could it all mean Mr H??
    Obviously the green lights signifies the go-ahead for the Zombie Apocalypse to begin!

    I admit that I had to laugh at your joy at such an occurrence happening.

    1. I live on the edge Lily..... It's just a very dull and boring edge. The only other thing of note I did this week was sharpen some knives... I could make it sound like I'm an evil serial killer, or Bear Grylls type... but I usually end up slicing the tips of my fingers off and then I can't type.... I'm pretty rubbish.

  2. Hello Mr H I wrote a lovely long (it was a bit long) reply a while ago and then Blogger crashed out entirely ruining everything. I dont know why so I vanished off and watched a bit of TV (it was a busy day). Anyway if I get a chance I will rewrite my reply and hopefully it will not take the entire internet down with it. Delays were also caused by a mouse attempting to escape from the cat in the house and destroying the ambience and peace, the mouse is now outside but my chair now squeaks and is very annoying.

    1. ooooo my original reply involved 27 mph

    2. Even the dog has given up Rob. He he sat on the sofa suling, as he has done all week.
      Mrs H has just gone out with my mum to do some girly shopping and have a cakes.
      I was not invited. Instead I am sat here with a pouting pooch with no cakes..... NOT A SINGLE CAKE!!!!!!!

      I'd love a bit cake right now.


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