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Friday, 24 October 2014

My Most Amazing* Week EVER?

Last week was pretty rubbish for me.

Nothing of any note happened apart from going round a round-a-bout.

I decided - there and then, that I would make sure that THIS WEEK was going to be awesome.

I was determined to make things happen.

A little bit of positive mental attitude injected into my daily doings and hopefully I would have something to write about.

Here is a brief caption what happened: (written as it happened LIVE)

My (half) day off!
Went shopping with a drunk Mrs H, who had been out on the lash with her friends the night before.
Sainsburys appear to have stopped selling chocolate rich tea biscuits (my favourites) So I bought two bags of chocolate peanuts instead to see me through the week.


I awoke to the sound of an email notification telling that I had won yet ANOTHER t-shirt from one of my favourite websites (makeuseof.com). This is now the 4th t-shirt I have won in the past year.

Every week a post is made asking people there opinion on various matters in the world of technology and the like and the best person (me) with the best opinion (mine) wins a free geeky t-shirt.

Ate a full bag of chocolate peanuts to celebrate - Life is good!

This was a great start to my amazing week of awesomeness!

(I also found a chocolate peanut in my pocket and ate it. - DON'T JUDGE ME!)


AM-Read on line that the OXO mum (Linda Bellingham) passed away. Not a good start to the day. Plus it's peeing down and there is a storm on the way.... I need to find a tenner on the floor to break even.
PM- Didn't find a tenner. But did get an email saying from Amazon saying"Your order has been dispatched"... Get in!!!! I loves getting post I does....

I ate half a bag of chocolate peanuts as a treat to make myself feel better - keeping the last half bag for emergencies.


Not good. No arrivals on site today. This means there is nothing to do.... nothing to do but clean up. I hate cleaning up. It just makes room for mess to appear.

One of my dispatched items from yesterday has arrived. It is a small pocket knife for opening boxes and the like. I suddenly realise that I already have two knives and there is at least one more on it's way. Nobody needs four knives....

My mum (who is worse than me with computers) has asked me to share some photos of my wedding (only took a year to ask for them) and send them to her tablet.
This seemingly simple task has ended up with a plug socket falling off the wall, the dog getting himself locked in the bathroom and one broken tablet.
I am resisting the urge to devour the last of my chocolate peanuts.
...oh yes. My football team lost as well tonight.... There are not enough damns

side note: I now have no more chocolate peanuts.


Today has got a lot of catching up to do after yesterdays fiasco.
I spent most of the day sweeping up leaves and twigs after the big storm and ... well... not much else.

I did however put my name to the BREAKTHROUGH BREAST CANCER petition as my friend Kelly is one of the poster girls for the campaign. You can read her story and join in by clicking the link above - and if you don't I will come and find you and make an angry face.

Today made me stop and think.

I've being trying to make this week awesome (and failing) but compared to those who have to fight for the right for treatment of illness - I really don't have much to complain about at all....

Note to Thursday - this doesn't mean you can slack off!


Took the wife's vehicle to the car hospital (or garage as it is sometimes known) for it's MOT. A 16 mile journey should not have include 13 round-a-bouts, but this one did.

The fact I had to pick up Mrs H on the way home meant I had to navigate an extra one to get to her office. So in total I had 16 on the way there and 17 on the way back.

34 mile round trip = 33 roundabouts. No wonder the car doctor told me the clutch (what ever THAT is for) is on it's last legs....

Had some KFC for tea and is was proper nice. No washing up.

We'll call Thursday a draw.


Was rudely awoken at 6:20AM by a phone call. (the message left on the answering was from Bhangra Dave - the chippy van man, who once appeared in an Indian Bhangra movie for some reason as an extra... hence the name) to tell me that he wasn't going to be on site to do fish and chips.

I already knew this as I had told him the week before that we would not be busy enough for him to bother coming.

You can't help some people sometimes.

The rest of the day was spent trying to not fall asleep due to lack of sleep.

PM - Due to the cupboards being more bare than a nude grizzly, Mrs H went to the chip shop to buy me a chicken tikka kebab (with chilli sauce) and a big bag of chips.....

It was bloody gorgeous.... WITH CHIPS!!

This post was supposed to show how positive mental attitude could change the outcome of my life.

If has failed.... dismally failed.

I need to find a way to make my life.... profitable(?) and also learn to eat healthier.

I have to work this Saturday because everybody else is ill and I'm not, so I don't get any time off at all
to to add insult to injury.



  1. Hello M H that was a great post and all I can say is I am glad I am now blogging on the worlds big questions, because that was a brilliant diary entry putting the last four years of my own diary in there place as mere (or is it meer) also rans. That meal you had may have been unhealthy but if you are the only one who is healthy then I would stick to those Indian takeaways, I have had one myself tonight and feel twice the man I was before I started eating it. it was brill, a chicken Dansak and the largest King Prawn Butterfly I have ever eaten. . . .Well Cool.

    I love chocolate peanuts and back on Monday I was enticed to buy a large bag of them for £1.00 in a garden centre they were great also. I have certainly driven round less roundabouts than you but did replace a clutch in my car last year at the cost of £700.00 due to technical issues so I hope you do not have the same problems with Mrs H (I mean Mrs H's car).

    Oooo surely Custard Creams are your favourite . . . or Chocolate Coated Custard Creams. . . Bloody Hell I'm a genius. . . Ooo sorry about the swearing but. . . . Chocolate Coated Custard Creams. . thats Awesome . . . .

    1. You are quite right Rob when you say Custard creams are my favourite. They are jolly good. However, as a treat, chocolate peanuts can not be beat.
      The only problem is that when I have two bags in one week... well, they are not so much a treat - they become a drug and I am an addict.

      I am writing this with a fresh bag next to me... begging to be opened.

      I am a greedy pig.

  2. Conversation between Spawn and I:

    Me-I'm not quite seeing how this is the most amazing week ever...

    Spawn-He ate a whole bag of chocolate peanuts don't you know?

    Apparently, this explained everything.

    1. For some reason my comment disappeared. oh well.

      I am not one to tell our great overlord (spawn) that he is wrong, but he is wrong.

      It's been a proper bob week.

      I wanted to make efforts to making it great and prove that PMA can chance the world, but all I have shown is that my life is incredibly boring and ( as I have said to Rob) my life is boring ......very boring.

      Next week will be better.... I promise*.

      *promises do mean diddly squat on this blog. hahahahahaha

    2. Hang on in there Mr H we need you a great deal, your days are part of the great plan of man.


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