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Saturday, 20 December 2014

The End?

On the 25th of December this year millions upon millions of people will get together wear paper hats, eat too much food and share unwanted, ill thought out gifts that will undoubtedly end up in the bin/local charity shop.

Many believe that this is due to the birth of a child who would grow into a man that change the world.

Others chose to celebrate a winter festival of Pagan origins but will still wear the paper hats and pull crackers and watch the Queens speech and fall asleep on the sofa after eating all the After Eights (before 8pm).

Those people are welcome to think what they want, but they are all wrong.

The REAL celebrations will be held in the Hogart household as this very blog reaches a milestone in it journey or nonsense and jibber jabber.

Indeed, as Christmas morning dawns and young children run downstairs at four AM screaming "He's been! He's been!" and the adults of the house are startled into conciousness with feral thoughts that the local nutter has broken in and done a turd on the carpet in the middle of the night before realising what the date is and have to drag themselves downstairs for a day that promises to be as headache inducing as it will be long, very few will realise JUST how important this day is.

For the 25th of December 2014 is the very same day that THOUGHTLESS GIBBERISH turns 1500 days old.

296 posts full of random words, a couple of songs and a few badly made videos clumped together with no order, logic or final destination now make up a four year journey that has seem my life change in many ways.

When I first started this little project of mine, I began with a name. 

BUMFERRY HOGART was what I chose (and it only took two weeks before I realise I had spelt it wrong).

I began writing as a way to stop myself going insane.

At the time, I was living in a small 16 foot caravan, as I had left my job in the big city and decided to join the family business of running a holiday site.

The local area had just taken part in the big DIGITAL SWITCH OVER (remember that?) and the tiny TV wouldn't pick up a signal, and so me and the dog and the laptop had to amuse ourselves in other ways.

With a spark of ill thought out inspiration - THOUGHTLESS GIBBERISH was born.

It was only supposed to last a year... but it festered.

Like the mould growing in a cup, long forgotten behind the sofa of time, it grew and changed colour and began to smell a bit.

But it never really evolved. It reached it's full potential.

It's my fault. I'm not very good at writing, deadlines, communicating or self promotion.

All the things that you are supposed to do with your blog, I didn't.

It's a good job I don't have kids.... they'd be ruined.

But 1500 days have gone by and although I have shared my ideas on a number of subjects such as: dwarves, the weather, Stephen Hawkins, football, gambling, the dog, how to save the world, and lots of examples of my own stupidity, I feel that this blog may have run its course.

I have had fun writing this and on the rare occasion somebody has commented (thanks Rob and Lily) it makes it seem less like I'm talking to myself in a padded cell and more like I am communicating with the outside world.

I just don't know if I want to carry on with it.

I'm going to take the rest of this year to contemplate the future of this blog and indeed the name of Bumferry Hogart.

Being housebound (by choice - long story: read the rest of the blog for more info) the internet is my main interaction with the outside world and I feel my presence should be a little more uniformed on the various platforms.

Of course, this news would have shook the bloging world to its knees if it were not for the fact that it seems most people have already jumped ship and announced their departure in the past couple of weeks... Addman and Lily Jo I'm looking at....where you used to be(?)

Anyway, That's just some THOUGHTLESS GIBBERISH from me to wrap the year off.

Merry Xmas!

I will still be working hard on the SINKINGSHIP BLOG which, for those that don't know, produces the finest, bestest comedy gold every Wednesday....


  1. Oh no, Thoughtless Gibberish just ate my heartfelt comment about you leaving!
    I feel all forsook!

  2. Okay, I'll have to start again, though I now not feeling as heartfelt as I did previously...
    Anyway, it went a little something like this:

    *falls to knees and turns face towards the heavens* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
    Mr H, I can fully understand our reasons for leaving, but it has always been my long held opinion, that Thoughtless Gibberish is one of the most under-rated blogs in the blogosphere. I honestly could never work out why . Your posts are consistently funny and have NEVER failed to make me laugh out loud. Blog reading for me, has become something of a chore over the years, but I never felt that with Thoughtless Gibberish. Yours was one of the few blogs that I always looked forward to and it never disappointed.

    I genuinely will miss this place, your quirky humour, your story-telling and your imagination and hope that you don't abandon it altogether, or that you at least, come back with a re-vamp. Sometimes the blogging world sucks big hairy donkey balls and it will be their loss.

    Right, now that I am thoroughly depressed, I'm off to prepare a memorial service for Thoughtless Gibberish. Will you stay if I get Sir Geldof to write you a charity single?

    Mama, why do all the good men leave me?

    1. Thank you so much for those kind words and what you wrote on Google+ (I've taken a screenshot just incase you come to your senses on that one and try and delete it!! - haha).
      I'll still be knocking around for sure, but I might use a different name, maybe my real one, or not... I may even carry on with this blog....or not.

      My brain is running on fumes and it has become a chore to write about things when you have solved all the worlds problems and most exciting thing to happen in my real life is the council stealing my bin (for the 2nd time this year!)

      I am also aware that there are a couple of loose threads that need to be tied up on TG before I can stop writting altogether.....

      I'm going to get Xmas out of the way and have a good think about What I'm doing.

      Thanks again for the comments! :O)

  3. Well what can I say Mr H . . . . As it happens I entirely understand, I have been a little busy of late and am not writing everyday or ever every other day at present so the thought did cross my own mind I could chill and give up for a while, but I'm not quite ready for that yet so will stagger on a while longer. I am a great fan of your blog and I have long wondered why it gets less responses that I would expect, but I have a theory.

    You see in the modern world of today folk like instant gratification, and why read when you can look at pictures or watch cute cats on Youtube being fired out of a cannon onto a trampoline where they tapdance and then fall backwards in a cute way onto a nude lady. Nudes and naughty language will also attract folk I think.

    Sadly however us slightly quaint and quirky brits are a bit doomed, and that includes me I'm afraid. so as time passes we fizzle out and return to the real world cutting the grass, walking the dog or shouting at stupid politics on the TV or Radio and doing the stuff we do.

    So all I can say is I will KEEP WATCHING THE SKIES and will wish you a very Merry Christmas in case you dont pop back before as its not far away now YICKS and all the very best from one of your fans (thats me . . . No Honest I really am).

    The way things are going Blogger will soon be Just me . . . they will love that I bet.

    I guess I could go and watch the cactus grow for a bit now. . . . . . SOB SOB SOB. . . .

    1. I remember you saying something similar a few months ago about mucky ladies with no vests on , and wrote a post called sex, nudes, mud, vampires and slippery substances.... and BOOM! I hit the big time that day.

      Oddly enough, another post about ready salted chipsticks is one of my all time biggest hits with about 2600 views (although I suspect that is a Russian spam bot).

      I'm going to give my brain a rest over xmas and come back with at least one more post if inspiration doesn't hit.

      Stay tuned.

    2. Mr H remember even one post a year will keep us on the edge of our seats so dont kill the blog off. Leave it resting quietly for that special moment when you think. . . . . O SOD IT its raining and a large squid has me trapped in the house until the fire service turn up to fight it and send it back to that Blue Aquarium place that you tend to see lots of signs for up your way.

      But well this is cyberspace we come we go, but you are one of the nice guys so once again all the best and be happy. . . .

    3. Can I pester you Mr H like one of those stalker chaps. . . . . .OOoooooo go on I'll be nice

    4. I'd be glad of a bit of pestering..... wait - pestering means giving me money right? hahahahahaha

    5. Will cake and those purple wrapped chocolates do. . . .


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