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Saturday, 7 February 2015

Three Reeves walk into a bar...

Christopher Reeves, Keanu Reeves and Vic Reeves walk into a bar.

Of course, that never happened.

What did happen is that you have just walked into a brain fart.

It's one of those writing exercises where the author (that's me) starts typing and doesn't stop until they get fed up or run out of things to say.

It would be a rather interesting place to be if you happened to be in a room and through the door walked Superman, Neo and a man famous for saying "Uvavoo!" and "You wouldn't let it lie"
Keanu Reeves

You would telling your mates for months about how they "Should have been there!" and "It was crazy.. I mean, Christopher Reeve has been dead for years."

Unfortunately, nobody will ever be able to say that they WERE in the same room as Chris, Vic and Keanu for fear of being pointed out as a complete and total liar.

But people do lie.

They do it all the time. No more so than politicians.

I watched a thing on the TV this week that went behind the scenes of parliament here in the UK and it was rather interesting and a bit of an eye opener.

Vic Reeves (left)
I had heard that some MP's did not want camera crews inside parliament and had tried to arrange for somebody to push the camera man over so they could complain about health and safety, but an honest employee caught wind of this plot and stopped it in it's tracks.

well done them!

We need more people in this world to stand up to bullies and cretins like that.

Not Russell Brand though.

Not him.

Anyone but Russell Brand.

I can't stand that guy.
Russell Brand

With his hair and lady shirts and tacky leather jewellery. I simply do not understand what he is supposed to be.

Someone else I don't like is The new bloke who presents Newsnight.

You know the guy, him off Dragons Den.

There's something about him that rubs me up a long way.

I do like Vic Reeves though.

He seems like the kind of guy who would ring up Keanu Reeves and convince him it would be a good idea to dig up Superman and drag his body on a pub crawl for shits and giggles... He's bonkers that guy.

Christopher Reeves (deceased)


  1. Hello Mr H . . . . I suspect that your pictures may have confused the international audience a little who will be saying stuff like. . . . Well that's odd I thought he was much taller than that. . . . and . . . . . I dont remember that Russell Brand on Strictly Come Dancing.

    But in general I totally agree with everything, except the one or two bits I dont agree with which are as they say neither here nor there. . . . I dont know why people say that and it is even possible that people dont say that at all these days. Stuff changes and what folk say changes. in fact I can see a good blog post in all this I will go and ponder.

    I'm sure you have blogged a bit more since you stopped blogging. I guess now that you have stopped and feel you dont have too means you can if you want or not as the case may be.

    1. Not blogging is much harder than actually blogging. Since I thought about stopping I have had tons of ideas. It's always the way.

      Speaking of which (not that anyone was) the next post I do will the 300th for this blog.


    2. Well that is amazing Mr H, 300 posts deserves something special. . . . If I can do anything to help let me know I will always draw a picture or something or wave a point stick at a passer by.

  2. Oh Russell Brand, that hilarious Lady man boy Hybrid of all that is wrong with society, bless him. The woman obviously believes that she speaks for the common man. Leave her to her dreams Mr H.

    And I'm still waiting for the punchline to that bar joke....

    1. He always looks sticky to the touch does that lad. And not the nice kind of sticky either.... I wouldn't mind his money though. I'd take that.


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