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Sunday, 16 August 2015

Do I even Exist

During a recent throw away comment made on the internet, I began to wonder if I actually exist.

It may seem like a strange question to ask, but I can not say for certain that I am, in fact, real.

There is the old saying "I think, therefore I am" But WHAT do I think I am?

It makes no sense.

Also, I have only ever seen photographs of myself or video's with me in them as proof that I not just some ones imagination and we all know that photo's and film's can be easily doctored and changed. There's a million apps out there to make it easy.

Pictures of me as a baby look nothing like me. For a start, I am a lot taller and wear fewer nappies these days. Also, I don't smile any more. Not worth the effort.

I'm pretty sure I am responsible for doing things and moving objects, but how many times have we (you) all put your keys on the table only to turn around and discover they are no longer there?

Nobody moved them. Only you.

Maybe it was me... but because I am not really here, I couldn't have done it. Or could I?

If I don't exist, then how is writing this post, you may ask. This post was actually writen on a Tuesday night in a dark room with a sleeping dog.
Mrs H has gone to bed, so I know it wasn't her and the dog is flat out in his corner - snoring, so it couldn't have been him... 

It's a very good question to which I do not know the answer as I don't exist and therefore can not answer.

So how am I able to PROVE that I am real?

This is a test I can not fully perform. 

How do I know that I am the one who is testing my own existence?

I don't know!

The more I think about it, the more I am beginning to think that I am not real.

This is scary.

People do talk to me.... not many, but there examples of folks having conversations to my face.

To counter this, there are many examples of people who talk to themselves or their imaginary friends.

Maybe I'm not really here.... it's not looking good is it?

If "I think therefore I am." is a truth does it also stand that "I think I am NOT, therefore I am...not"?



  1. Mr H I was planning to try and reassure you that you do exist although Ironically I have just posted an old post on my own Blog about the End of the World which might explain the reason you think you dont exist, because you dont. Well not in a real sense.

    Anyway as I said I was planning to say you do exist until you said you wrote this(as in the post not my response) on a Tuesday night in a dark room and I thought HANG ON its Sunday I know its Sunday for sure because my computer has told me its Sunday not Tuesday even your own blog thinks its Sunday and that is good enough for me. . . .So it is definitely not Tuesday. No this is the sort of error that could easily be made by someone who does not exist as they are outside the normal parameters of time and space as predicted by Einstein. And he did say Tuesday was a false reality and so anything that happened on Tuesday could not happen as in Tuesday = MC Squared where M is Monday and C is his cat which he kept in a sealed box to prove the point.

    So to tell the truth it would be foolish to write more in response to a post that has been written by someone who is not someone who thinks its Tuesday not Sunday. I must exist because I have a cat and that cant happen if I was not real..........

    1. My thoughts exactly.... Or are they my thoughts?

      This is why I try not to think too much.

  2. Wha...I...but...er....nope, I got nothing...


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