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Friday, 8 January 2016

The Worlds Worst Murder Story

Once, right, there was guy what was killed to death.

A man, who was another man, killed the first man for reasons.

It was up to a policeman and a lady policeman who was called a police woman to solve the crime by finding clues to who had done it and why.

The policeman, who probably had a name said "I don't know who it was what did the murder, or even how. Do you lady police woman?"

"Yes." She said.

"It was done with a knife what is still sticking out of the dead mans chest." She continued.

"yuk." Said the man policeman.

"But we still don't know who it was that put the knife in there do we?" He asked.

The police woman lady thought for a bit and another man jumped from the curtains.

"Was it you?" She asked the man who had jumped out from behind the curtains.

"Yes!" The murderer said. "But how did you know?"

The police woman lady said "Because you did it."

"Curses!" Cursed the murderer, "I was sure I was going to get away with it."

"But why did you kill a man?" Asked the policeman.

The murderer said "Because I didn't want him to be alive any more. He was not a nice man and had done a bad thing one time."

The policeman said "What you had done was not a nice thing either and now you a criminal FOR LIFE."

The policeman and the policeman lady arrested him and put him in a jail.

And they all lived happily ever after, apart from the dead man and the other man that killed him, because he was in jail for doing a killing.

The End.


  1. That was brilliant and is truly the worst who dun it I have ever read, but I still dont know the name of the chap or the other chap so although I know that one of them did it and the other is the victim it is possible that I have have got them the wrong way round.

    Is one of them called Dave. . . . but which one, there is more to this that meets the eye at first glance a lot more. You are a cunning chap Mr H and there is no denying it

    Well done

    1. The man what had done the murdering was the other man who was not the man was dead from the killing because was the man what was dead.

      It's simple when you think about it.... but not too much. hahahahaha

  2. What the bloody hell did I just read?! And why oh WHY am I laughing?!
    Spawn thought it was hilarious btw.

    1. The question what you asked which was "What the bloody hell did I just read?" is a very good one.
      A better question to ask is "What the bloody hell did I just write?".

      I am glad the Master enjoyed it.

      I may write another once the Absinthe kicks in.


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