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Saturday, 16 April 2016

A little Something For The Ears

This week I thought I would share a little something I have been working on.

You may remember a while back that I said I was going to create a whole album of music by the end of the year.


Oh well, I did.

This is a rough demo track of one of the songs I am currently working on.

It's probably the most mellow of songs I have done to date, but should give a good idea of the kind of stuff I am currently working on.

My main issue so far is that I can't drum.

Of the five tracks I have written so far, I have not really got to grips with the percussion.

I'd like to say that it is due to working on-line and that the slow internet connection plays havoc when trying to keep the beat, but that would be a half truth.

Anyway, I'm not here to make excuses. It's all part of the learning process.

Sit back and (try to) enjoy a little ditty I have made.

Lyrics will be applied in due course once inspiration hits.



  1. Well done Mr H a grand ballad what you need is a few words and a nice harmonised backing group for the chorus. I can drum but all my drumming is with my faithful djembe and not a drum kit. I'm sure Miss Lily said she drummed in a band once (that might not be true I might be hearing voices in my head).

    There we a few words that popped into my head, as I listened but then I do odd words

    I wake up in the morning
    Another day is dawning
    And all I've got to eat
    Is yesterdays cold pie.

    Keep up the good work Mr H

    1. If you can make anything that fits with that Rob I can send you a link to record straight to the track (it's all done on line y'see) And then When I'm massively famous, I will mention you in one of my many award speeches.

    2. Mr H I will try and give this some thought but it sounds a bit techy which I once was but my old brain is not that good these days. If it rains tomorrow I will ponder words and stuff or just look at spiders on the ceiling. They have been up there all winter watching me.

  2. That was impressive Mr H, and as the real musician in this household, Spawn enjoyed it to, although he did say something about a middle eight, but all I heard was "blah blah blah."
    And I did use to drum in a band Mr Z, but I doubt if anyone can afford my going rate, which is a falafel and hummus in pitta bread.

    1. Miss Lily that is what my wife tells me too, you veggies are an odd lot with your falafel and hummus . . . . .


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