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Saturday, 23 April 2016

Racism shrouded in idiocy.

I'm not sure if any of you had the pleasure of watching.. no, that not the right word is it... misfortune? is that the word?... I don't know... anyway, Did anyone see the recent Britain First Political campaign video on the TV recently?

I didn't.

But I do have a Twitter account and there were a lot of people tweeting about it so I thought I would have a look at it.

Here it is in all it's glory.

Wow - right?

Just wow.

It should go without saying that the vast majority of was said in that video is laughably stupid, wrong and painfully inaccurate. 

But I am not all that offended by a bunch of idiots spouting verbal diarrhoea as I still hold out on that last thread of human sensibility that these nasty people will amount to nothing and that their strange ramblings about migrants and Europe will be ignored or, even better, questioned and corrected as the London Mayoral voting begins.

I don't live in London, but some people do (so I have heard) and I hope that people make a choice is right for them, regardless of who they chose.

There is however, a very small chance that somebody as dangerous as Britain First will be voted in.
There is a very strange sense of failure around our main political parties.

To be fair, there always has been as newspapers and websites continuously find examples of fraud, misconduct and outright illegal behaviour of those we entrust to run our country.

But recently I have found myself at my wits end and I fear that others are in an even worse state of hatred of the constant lies and disrespect that MP's continue to show each other and the people who put them in power.

I worry that something terrible could go wrong and people like Britian First find themselves in positions of power.

It's one thing to worry about terrorists. They are a bad bunch and no mistake.

But, for me at least, I think there would be MORE to worry about if single minded extremists... (yes that's right White Extremists... imagine that) like Britain First become the decision makers.

It would be an unmitigated disaster.

Britain First do not represent my views in any way, shape or form. They really don't.

But worse than their points of view is the quality of that video.

Seriously folks, that video is painful to watch.

Laughably so.

From the weird camera work, weird cut aways and bizarre sound editing. The whole thing is a mess.

I doubt anybody reviewed that video and thought "That's bloody brilliant that is. Lets call it a night and beat up a black for not being British enough."

Nope. I've just checked and it never happened.

It was offensive to the human senses.

We have spent millions of years trying to evolve to a more sophisticated physical state so we are able to reach a higher plane of awareness.

Our eyes can focus on singular actions, our hands have opposable thumbs which allow us use tools and create fine works of art.

Our brains can control our every movement. We use them to create wonderful worlds in our mind and can evoke intense emotional responses from music... but the best Britain First can do is drag a few dullards out on the street and get them to read from a card... VERY VERY woodenly.

The whole thing reminded me of this brilliant bit from Stewart Lee, which sums up my whole disdain for Britain First and their like and I offer it up as a counter balance for that stupid video at the top.


  1. I think one of the problems of all extremists is that they blame others for their own failings. Britain as we both know is generally a nice place to live where we have a degree of free speech and opportunity, OK it may not be perfect because there are always folk who will take advantage and those who will need help. I personally think immigration is good for a country despite the fact that a few years ago when we ran our business we were robbed by a gang of Rumanian's. They were not nice folk and were caught, although we never got our stock back, but they are not typical of the folk of their country. The sad thing is folk are easily persuaded that the problems of a nation is the result of others when in many cases it is those in charge who have the power to right the wrongs. Politicians need to be more open, stop fiddling or manipulating expenses to their own advantage and the so called captains of industry need to stop giving themselves large bonuses. if they were more inclusive and open then maybe groups like Britain first would not exist.

    Well done Mr H and finally all I can say is . . . What have the Romans ever done for us.

    1. Well said Rob.
      I'm sure if the world leaders took the time to read this blog, they would have a few ideas to take away with them and make this world a better place.

      All I ask for is a small 0.01% of each nations GDP in lieu of gratitude each year, which is nothing compared to the savings they would make following my advice.

      I think that is a bloody bargain.

      I am awaiting cheques in the post as I tyoe.

    2. You deserve every penny Mr H (OK currencies may vary depending on the country of origin).

  2. Spawn and I just watched this and had to laugh at the people being 'interviewed.' Were they being controlled like hand puppets? Methinks so.
    The only way Britain First are clever, is that they don't mention colour. So as a British Asian, or a Black British, you aren't necessarily excluded and that why they have a large following of different races...until it's their turn to "face the wrath of ignorance." The words in speech marks belong to Spawn.
    Tis a shame that so many people are taken in by they're spiel, and the fact that everyone is fed up with the other parties, just might ensure that this lot get in.

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